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Founded in 1993, Sodinal has a leading role in the implementing and developing of modern oenology and winemaking in Central and Eastern Europe. Covering four countries and thanks to its well-developed structure, team of professionals and worldwide known partners, Sodinal is implementing the innovations and development of the oenology and the winemaking.

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Our range of oenological products is produced by highly experienced specialists, leaders in development and innovation in the field of wine making. The combination of know-how, experts, research centers and laboratories ensures high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Each wine has its own individuality.
At Sodinal we value this uniqueness and offer oenological solutions tailored to the needs of wine growers and highlighting the specific characteristics of the region, variety and wine.

Through our oenological proposals we do not just work for an attractive end product, we create trends in winemaking.

Are you looking for inspiration for the new harvest? Ready to make improvements? Sodinal can help with professional guidance, advice and complete solutions to realize and achieve remarkable results.

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2020 © Sodinal

2020 © Sodinal